Storm Recovery Checklist


Recovering from a severe storm isn’t fun. It may take days, weeks and even months to return to a place of normalcy. But while you can’t control the weather, having a storm recovery checklist in place can hopefully make it easier to minimize your losses and recover quickly. Check out the infographic above to help you get started:

Step 1: Contact your agent

Check with your agent to get the ball rolling on your claim. When it matters most, your agent is there to help you through the process so you can get back on your feet.

Step 2: Snap some pictures

Document the damage with photos or video, and make a detailed list of damaged or missing items. Have our iPhone app? It’s a great way to collect details and store photos and videos of damage.

Step 3: Carry a notebook

Keep the details straight by taking notes and tracking your expenses.

  • List the names and numbers of people you speak with, like your agent, adjuster and contractor
  • Track expenses including lodging and repairs
  • Jot down questions you want to ask

    Step 4: Put on your tool belt

    Make temporary repairs to protect your property from further damage and keep your family safe.

    • Secure broken windows
    • Remove broken tree limbs
    • Cover holes and leaks
    • Avoid downed power lines
    • Leave the big repairs to the professionals

      Step 5: Work with your claims representative

      Your claims representative is a resource during the claims and repair process. Don’t hesitate to ask questions. Together, you’ll determine:

      • Amount of damage
      • What needs to be repaired or replaced
      • The cost to make needed repairs

      Step 6: Check out your contractor

      When it comes to selecting a contractor, keep these tips in mind:

      • Check their track record through your local Better Business Bureau, Home Builder's Association or adjuster
      • Ask for references
      • Document everything and refer to your contract often

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